56 icons~

Merlin~ From 2x01, SDCC, S4 blooper reel... Yeah. I also made animated MCR icons, but I don't feel like posting those up today...

[56] Merlin + cast
- [7] animated
- [49] still


No hotlinking, please and thank you~ Credit is loved, comments even more so! ♥ ♥
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Wow theses are amazing! I snagged a lot of them and I will so credit you when I get them uploaded, I hope to see more of your work,Thanks so much for makeing and sharing. YOU're AWESOME!!!!:D
Thanks~ :D

I have so many other Merlin stuff in the recesses of this, and my now 'personal' journal...

Glad you like! ♥ ♥
I'd like to leave you a lovely little comment, but I'm laughing at your text ones. So good.
Heee, that makes me happy~ :D

I love that cap of Arthur I found in my caps. XD Ahhhh. Your faces, Bradley~ ♥

Damn! Your to fast for me girl! :P These are great! I love them to pieces. :P and OH! Bamf Merlin dragonlord!
I LOVE the animated ones. Saved the last one. Some of the stills are really funny xD
Hee, Dragonlord!BAMF!Merlin is the best~ ♥

Well, some of the stills are from the S4 bloopers... XD

Glad you like! ♥ ♥