150 icons

Some of these were just me playing with curves. *shrugs* And some not. XD 

This isn't a favourite episode of mine, especially with everyone over-reacting over bloody smoke! *facepalm* Clearly it's going to come at you in the night and choke you to death. Gaius telling Uther off is awesome, though~ There is a pleasing lack of neckerchief, too. :D 

[150] Merlin (2x07, The Witchfinder)

No hotlinking, please and thanks! :D Credit is loved, comments even more so~ ♥ ♥ ♥
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I really need to re-watch this episode now. These icons are fantastic.

I don't know what our time zone differences are, but it's awesome to have icon posts right before I go to bed - it's like a happy little send off.
These are beautiful, dear. The lighting's wonderful and I always like your text. I lol.
These are lovely! I needed a Merlin icon (a bit new to the fandom), I chose a sad one for now and gave credit on my journal page!

(His cheekbones are always so prominent! The icons you created definitely feature that ;) )
Thanks! :D

Welcome to fandom~ *welcome hug* ♥ ♥

You can credit just as easily in the "comments" part of where you upload your userpics. :D Just a little "from universaldogma" is fine. *shrugs*

*blush* Thanks~ but that's just the lighting and stuff... <.< Heh.
OH. That makes SO MUCH SENSE.I tend to be really lazy with my icons and never change them, so I didn't even think of that >.<

Thanks for the tip, and for the welcome to the fandom. :D
Yay for playing with Curves! That's always fun. :)

Lovely post, as always. *drools over prettiness*
It is~ :D Although I do see how easy it is for something to become over-Curved... To me. Other people may like it, but I don't...

There's only two caps I over-curved a bit in this batch... XD The first one was deliberate though...

I usually just stare at it a bit, and if I don't like it, I change it. o.O
Really? I don't recall seeing any that look overcurved...
if you see any colorings in my posts that look too over the top ever, please don't hesitate to let me know. I may b one of those crazy people who will do anything. :P
damn girl! you are on a roll, these are GORGEOUS. I really like how you did the 3 three, these are precious as can be. Awesome. <3
yeah, lol went to fast and uh huh really like the 3rd one, cause you played around with the blur/wind sort of thing. :)