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Iconssss~ this time with FMA fanart! :D Yay! Looking into getting a new laptop, so far the choices are leaning towards 'Mac'... *shrugs* But, as long as I get a new laptop, all will be good! And other new stuff. Like bookcases so I can get my room set up... In other news, that photoshoot where Katie has blue hair and is in a place that looks like a rainbow threw up in it, is awesome! One of my favourite photos of her. ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Anyway... credit~ yavannauk, chickaen@tumblr and Amy Hypnarowski@picasa. FMA fanart was found on tumblr and Pixiv.  ♥ ♥

[25] Fullmetal Alchemist (fanart)
[126] Merlin cast (S4 clothing spoilers)

Fullmetal Alchemist


Merlin cast


No hotlinking, please and thank you~ ♥ Credit is loved, comments even more so! :D
Haha, s4 clothing spoilers? XD Does this mean we will actually see the knights wearing sunglasses? XD

And Katie is so pretty. ♥ Love your work with the blue hair pics. :D
These are great. Katie is so pretty. I saved some and will credit when I use :)
I'm getting ready to run out the door, but I wanted to let you know I saw these, I love them, I'll leave a better comment later.
These are awesome! Taking a couple, will def. credit you.

I'd like to say something really lovely, but I can't stop staring at a couple of these.
these are awesome can I be fast like you?! It takes me days and then days to just post them. lol.These are gorgeous darling! I really like the last batch of the merlin/colin icons! Yummy. Pretty! <3
yeah I wish I can do that. I love the Bradley ones also! That is just a stunning picture of him with the candles! <3
I love the cropping of Katie's mouth and her expressive hand icon. All the Colin standing about on set icons are delightful. His grin is contagious!
Love your FMA icons! <3 Would you please send me the original fanarts for icons 6 thru 8 (the one of Ed with the blue alchemical lightning) and for icons 14 thru 16 (the one of Ed with a greenish cast to him)? I'll send you a PM with my email address to send the pics to. Thanks. :)
I like both FMA animes~ And the manga, which I'm slowly collecting. XD It's easy just to think of the first anime as an AU!canon... *shrugs* I don't get all the hate for the first anime... I mean, the mangaka likes it~

Bradley is very pretty. :D