180 icons~

I've discovered pastel, and have fallen in love with it. Though there's not much pastel in this post. A lot on my gifs on my tumblr though!

So. Uh. This post has YGO and DW, with the New!Who icons being for a battle with a friend~

[84] YGO (Zexal, Arc-V)
[96] Doctor Who


Doctor Who

Comment, credit, all that stuff~
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OMFG!!! These are WONDERFUL! Will pop by later to snag a ton and probably add more detail ♥
You better. :D Talking icons with you is fun~

And then sometime in the future we can do another battle with S5-S7 yes??? ♥

I was planning on making other New!Who icons, but blah.
I love it, too! :D I love what you did with the battle icons, yours are just wonderful :D You talented girl, you.

As soon as you like!!! I'm not doing any icons atm and was vaguely thinking of getting back to it, so no problem on my end :D

Idk, I feel like I could've done better. Especially earlier ones... Because I didn't know how to pastel. XD

New!Who icons are easier to do when we have a battle, I find. Otherwise I'm just??? ? Which episode??? Which scenes??@?
Well I feel like they're so unique/542 times better than mine, but eh ;P Of course it takes some exploring with new techniques, that's normal!

Yeah, I get that! It's good for me too because otherwise I just start at the beginning each time and go through caps selecting random ones, and I'll never get to s7 that way :D

Well, if you want to start one, just let me know if you've got a season you'd prefer doing or if we'll pick from all three, and how many caps you think we could each pick ^_^
Hey! Popping back for more detail about your icons, as I'd told you I would =)

The YGO are really stunning—I can't get over the colours, so vivid :D The first ones most of all. All the Seven really looks wonderful—and the battle! It's always really inspiring to see what you do with our caps choice :D I love them all so much. First line—I love the two with the Doctor and the Ponds, and the River one, the cropping and the b&w. The Oswin crop and colours on the second line and the hazy green colour for the Doctor one at its right were smashing. Fourth, I love your crop on Clara's face ♥ and the one with Merry. All of those are probably my favourites. But I'm snagging a ton because awesome stuff ♥
Stole a few Doctor Who, will credit if used. Thank you for your hard work!