138 icons~

So... hi?

This post has New!Who and YGO! :D I do have other YGO icons, but I don't like them enough to post, but Arc V soon and I'm excited~

And there's a severe lack of Classic Who icons. Heh... I do have lots of Classic I want to cap anyway, but yeah. Some of the DW icons are with an on-going battle with a friend~ ♥ Next is S7! :D Aw yeah~

[66] YGO (5D's, Arc V, BBT)
[72] Doctor Who


Doctor Who

Comments and credit are loved~ ♥ ♥
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These are amazing!! I snagged practically all of your Who icons. I'm going to be looking through your tags for other icons, too, because I like your icons so much. :)
Yay icons! ♥♥♥ I love what you did with those—battle ones are gorgeous! You already know I love the first Amy one, and what you did with the light/colours on the 9th and 17th is beauuuutiful ♥ Same for 20th, and I love the crops on 24th and 28-29th ;) Also shut up Hitler :D Lol.

Not battle are also wonderful, you did one with the ugly jumper! I have some with that too :D The Journey ones are great. They're all great! Also you did the window from the special! I'd picked the window for the battle initially, but then I had to cut back because too many caps ;)

*snags a ton and hugs you*

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*twirls you* :D

Ugly jumper and window were ones I wanted to do anyway. Especially that window shot, it's so pretty~ ♥
Yessss, they're just perfect ♥ I've done quite a bit of Dream Lord too, like I wanted at first. And I guess I'll have to think of something really speshul now if I still want to do the window one sometime :D

Awesome icons--I like the monotone ones, esp. :) I need a new 11 icon, so I suspect that I can find it amongst all the ones that I saved. Credit w/ use. :)