202 icons~

Ummmm... welll... hello. :D

You see, I've been marathoning things like Revenge, and anime. And Let's Plays. And then there was a time when I wasn't in the right mindset for making things. Oh, and sometimes tumblr graphics are more fun. But I got over that. Mostly.

I've been experimenting with gradients more, because I'm addicted to them. XD And sometimes I can't be bothered to go to my textures folder. Oh, and there's also different cropping! Because I can. And stuff.

I really should work on making smaller posts...

[83] Rise of the Guardians
[119] Doctor Who

Rise of the Guardians

Doctor Who

i just really love the CyberDoctor okay

Credit is loved, comments even more so~ ♥ ♥
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Awww man, you're gonna start seeing my icons start sucking... XD Or maybe my tastes just change too much.
…I don't know? XD The very vivid colours, stunning lightning, the choice of crops? It might sound frustrating if they took less work, idk… I just stopped and went "wow".
Huh. They took less work, actually. My mind usually works out ways to crop quite quickly, and I'm super picky with how I crop too. XD But the colouring and that is quite simple... to me, I guess? I'm used to colouring certain ways~ Get into habits and all that.
Yeah, that hadn't occurred to me at first glance, but comparing the two batches, I do see how the more recent ones seem to have more complex effects and all… Different styles, but the simpler ones are still brilliant ;)
Cropping is something I got the hang of rather quickly, too—same with the colouring habits. Sooooo, yes, that would mean it's basics, probably, to you at least. XD
Lately I've been going for more of... yeah. XD I've been using other things besides gradients lately too. And this one gradient I made which has an effect I like~ And clouds. Clouds are good too.

I hate it when crops don't work. I mean, yeah, it's okay, but it's not working for me.
Yeah. XD Though I'm really not in a habit for using textures, unless I specifically want it that way, or if I just want to add grunge.

Because grunge is awesome. ♥
*pretends I totally get all the terms*
(I set Gimp to French too, that doesn't help =P Should have known I'd be interacting only with English-speaking icon-makers, lol.)
Grunge is like... dirty, you know? Adding textures to make it look dirty or slightly torn or whatever. XD
It sounds like a pretty interesting effect—and it sounds like I really need to discover more of those for myself :D Will get there, I guess… little by little ;)
(I'll stop talking about how little I know of icon-making now, maybe. Talk about self-centred. XD)
Yeah, textures are awesome. I collect them, even though I don't use most of them that much...

It's okay. XD
*thumbs up*
'kay, good to hear you don't mind ;)
I love comment-based random chats with people. XD They're just nice. New acquaintances ftw.