180 icons~

I've discovered pastel, and have fallen in love with it. Though there's not much pastel in this post. A lot on my gifs on my tumblr though!

So. Uh. This post has YGO and DW, with the New!Who icons being for a battle with a friend~

[84] YGO (Zexal, Arc-V)
[96] Doctor Who

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138 icons~

So... hi?

This post has New!Who and YGO! :D I do have other YGO icons, but I don't like them enough to post, but Arc V soon and I'm excited~

And there's a severe lack of Classic Who icons. Heh... I do have lots of Classic I want to cap anyway, but yeah. Some of the DW icons are with an on-going battle with a friend~ ♥ Next is S7! :D Aw yeah~

[66] YGO (5D's, Arc V, BBT)
[72] Doctor Who

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146 icons~

I have a thing where I can't stop making OUAT things. :D More specifically, related to Pan and Henry.

So, most of these are from tumblr graphics, but also when I just felt like icons...

I do have other fandoms iconed, but I'm lazy and only feel like posting these up. And I can put these into my posted folder, making my icons seem empty! Until I make more OUAT icons.

[146] Once Upon A Time

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141 icons~

I'm not even...

Uh. Hi.

I'm mostly procrastinating from trying to write again. And I've procrastinated from posting these up for about forever.

Mostly OUAT, with some DW. I also have some anime icons and stuff, but that can wait another few months. Cropped from tumblr things, mostly, hence why I've used the same cap a few times... heheh. They're a clusterfuck.

[43] Doctor Who
[98] Once Upon A Time

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202 icons~

Ummmm... welll... hello. :D

You see, I've been marathoning things like Revenge, and anime. And Let's Plays. And then there was a time when I wasn't in the right mindset for making things. Oh, and sometimes tumblr graphics are more fun. But I got over that. Mostly.

I've been experimenting with gradients more, because I'm addicted to them. XD And sometimes I can't be bothered to go to my textures folder. Oh, and there's also different cropping! Because I can. And stuff.

I really should work on making smaller posts...

[83] Rise of the Guardians
[119] Doctor Who

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121 icons~

This is mostly so I could try doing something else. Or something like that.

Because I have these icons and dh;kgfx jl;g I will be making loads more RotG icons, yes. But I'd love to do some Classic Who or anime still, and my brain is running on RotG right now, so this like getting rid of an itch. Or I'm just talking shit. That's also possible. Point is... I'm not sure. To the icons~

Some of these were made from tumblr images, some of them not. And whatever.

[121] Rise of the Guardians

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220 icons~

Um. Surprise? XD Maybe my resolution for this year should be shorter icon posts...

I was going to post stuff up, but then slow 'net, then life happened, and next thing I knew it's almost February. Well, it is February here now. But yes. I'm satisfied enough to post up some of my icons, so yay. I do have other icons to post, like Drake & Josh, and whatever. But I'm still not ~satisfied with them yet. *cough*

Anyway. This post will have loads of Rise of the Guardians, which I will be posting a lot of from now on. *_* Especially when I get the DVD in March/April, yes~ And then there's Avengers stuff, and some Merlin. And OUAT... You guys better get used to more anime, too. Like Psycho-Pass, my love! ♥ It's just. Yes. JJBA '12 is very fun also...

I experimented a lot, so be forewarned. XD (And there's also my tumblr for other graphicy things, because those are fun.)

[13] Merlin
[46] Once Upon A Time
[71] Rise of the Guardians
[90] Avengers + related
(inc. cast and a few A: EMH)

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211 icons~

Finally going to stop procrastinating and post these up. *shrugs*

*waves* Hello~ In this post there's Doctor Who's Asylum of the Daleks and loads of Avengers. :D The Avengers icons are kinda a clusterfuck, since I was going through an 'ADD ALL THE COLOURS!!!' phase at the time. And there's also some Mark Ruffalo and Jeremy Renner in there too. I wanted to icon ALL of the Avengers movie, and put it all in one post, but I got pretty far into the movie anyway. So yeah. I just love that movie so much~ ♥ ♥ ♥

I've also made loads of tumblr graphics, but adding all those to this post would be really annoying. So here is my graphic tag~ ♥

[54] Doctor Who {Asylum of the Daleks}
[157] Avengers + cast

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