148 icons~

I really should stop procrastinating when posting these up. XD I just like big posts, I guess. *shrugs* Last month was hectic, so I'm starting to get back into iconing after all that happened. Plus, my creativity is a bitch sometimes.

So, here's some Avatarverse, and TRON (and Legacy!), and Merlin... the Merlin also includes the S5 trailer, because why not~ Nothing spoilery, though? Unless we want to go the old 'clothing spoilers' route.

Mmmm, grunge. <3 How I love you~

[44] Merlin
[50] Avatarverse
(TLA, Korra)
[54] TRON


for icon_talk's anon battle




No hotlinking, please~ ♥ Credit is loved, comments even more so. :D
lol I love The Royal Cleavage! Too cute AND love the Morgana icons and pretty coloring!! <3
Gwen officially has royal cleavage now. It's sort of awesome. :D

I like experimenting with colouring sometimes. It's very fun. X3
Yay for all the Morgana icons! I love the ones of her with the blues; the colors just pop so much! And haha, Gwen's royal cleavage. xD That's hilarious!

Gorgeous! Snagged the next to last Merlin icon. Will credit. :)
These icons have made me very happy. I haven't seen a whole lot of decent Merlin ones in a while so it was lovely to see these. I saved an Arthur and Morgana one :D

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Amazing I am in awe of your skill. I snagged some Merling icons and will credit you.