261 icons~

*collapses* So. Many. Icons. x_x I've been on an icon-making bender this past... week or so. And then there's other stuff I've also made. And to also make up for my lack of posts here... a month is a long time for me, okay.

There's also various things I've posted on tumblr, since I now have one and stuff. Relevant tag. Reblog, etc~

So, here we have some Lost Girl, Merlin, Doctor Who, and Once Upon A Time! My Classic!Who caps are awesome. ♥ There need to be more Classic!Who icons in the world. And Adric. <3 Adric may be an idiot, but I like him. So. Uh. Here.

[25] Lost Girl
[63] Merlin + Colin Morgan
[67] Once Upon A Time
(1x13, 1x15, 1x20)
[106] Doctor Who (Classic - Full Circle, State of Decay. New - S4)

Lost Girl

Merlin + Colin Morgan

Once Upon A Time

Doctor Who

No hotlinking, please and thank you~ ♥ Credit is loved, comments even more so! :D
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I don't know all the fandoms, but I lvoe the Doctor Who ones! And I'm taking the last Old Who in your batch. Four + Romana + Adric = yay
Gorgeous, as always! I snagged several of Colin, a few of Donna (CT) and the one you did of Rose(BP) if I use them, I will always credit you. I just wish I had more space for icons!!

Even when I don't use them on LJ, your icons are so pretty I still just like looking at them as miniature portraits in my pics folder!

BTW, the ones of Donna in the snow are simply stunning!
More icon space is always needed. Which is why I wish I had unlimited icon space... *sighs*

Also a good reason to save icons. XD I like doing that for my pictures and stuff, if I'm not going to use them for graphic purposes~

Glad you like~ ♥ ♥ ♥
Your icons are totally gorgeous. I snagged some and will credit.

Especially I like LG and classic Who ones.
Lovely! I snagged some Morgana's, Red and Donna's and I will credit you when I use them.
Popping by to snag a Donna, first from second line! :D It's lovely! ♥
I love it! I got one of Four and a Donna and two of the TARDIS...did that make sense? I hope it did.