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So, some more FCC icons! This time with gifs~ ;) Also, some are redo's of my icons before... Have some pics from other people, but I'll do those another time. *shrugs* And Tangled~ because another friend fell in love with that movie, and reminded me of the Tangled caps I have...

Also, you know that moment when a kitty is resting on you, purring like a cute chainsaw? Those moments are so awesome! ♥ ♥

Credit... 1torontohummelanderson@tumblr, potterheadinthetardis@tumblr, chaosmaka, carolinement@tumblr, maniifiique@tumblr, ctoutkam@twitter...

[23] Tangled
[42] Merlin cast

- [14] animated
- [28] still


Merlin cast

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, please and thanks! ♥ ♥ Credit is loved, comments even more so~ :D
These are wonderful, hon.

I've not seen Tangled, but from what everyone's said, it sounds like I should.

The boys are impossibly adorable. The GIFs are fantastic.
That color Bradley full body laugh gif is delightful and I love his huge pout icons. Colin looking on with earphones, hat and a grin is sublimely cute, too. Oh, boys, you are too cute!
Lovely icons. I may have to snag one. Especially the aforementioned laughing one. Will credit, of course!
Oh yeah. Go for it! LOL. Like he will even remember by the time either one of us gets a chance to ask him. I'm pretty sure I will never get a chance to ask.
Well, you and me both. He'd have to come to Washington DC for me to see him. Maybe the cast will make it to Australia one of these days! How cool would that be?
Hehehe...you have to watch the commentaries from S2 with ASH and Angel. They are pure comedy together and you'll get the lubly jubly reference. :D

My affections always double for BJ when I see him in an interview. He's lovely and quirky and adorkable. He's too grumpy when he's on set. LOL
Ahhhh. XD

He's probably grumpy on set 'cuz he might not see his boyfriend for a bit. Or he's not a morning person...

Bradley's so adorable in public things, like cons/ints/tv guests~ ♥
Eion, Tom, Rupert, Santiago, Angel and Katie. They are all lovely substitutes for whenever Colin isn't around. He can't do much better than them. :D
holy cow more?! And yay for Tangled icons! <3 and yay you made icons of my favorite part of the con! Bradley's laugh and Colin's little smug of a smile. :P So cute. Awesome dear!
Rock on Colin ... looks like he is wearing 3D glasses here.

Lovely eye candy for first thing in the morning.
Yay! You did Tangled! I think you should do more. ;) Oh and the Bradders; *lesigh* So wonderful. And the adorableness that is Colin Morgan!